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December 2015

Dreammy Presents: Melissa B.

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Melissa-B-shoot-for-FabMe-Jewelry-500x500Today we have the immense pleasure to interview the American singer Melissa B, fresh winner of two Gold Global Music Awards for her song “Maria” (Video here above) for Pop & Emerging Artist!

L: Hi There, Melissa, can you tell us something about your latest album release? (Exclusively ndr)

M: Thank you Luca. Yes I just put out my first EP called “Exclusively” and my song “Breathe” has a lyric video out that is very near and dear to me.

I felt it was important for people to see the words and the meaning behind the song.

L: I also like the all song structure and how it blended seamlessly electro house melodies and dubstepish bass with your soulful voice. Is there any reason why did you write that song? (Breathe ndr)

M: Thank you. I was actually forced to write in the booth by my Producer B. Howard. He was like “Go in the booth and write something meaningful”. The first thing that came to mind was my father and thinking of him before he passed away.

I was thinking wow what was he thinking about when he took his last Breath in life and then I thought wow what does a baby feel taking it’s first breath.

So it was very surreal for me when I had the connection of life and then put it into a song.

L: Can you tell us how the idea of putting together the project came about and also if you have any new release that you will release in the near future?

M: Well, the project came about as I was recording for the past 4 years I thought it’s time to finally put something out there because everyone kept asking.

So, we came up with the EP “Exclusively” and I named it that because I did this for my followers (G.E.M.S).

I am currently working on another album called “Computer Love” that will have the Electric R&B sound. It’s gonna be so much fun and it will take you on a ride.  For the near future I have a few other things going on but I just want people to see what I do instead of telling. Just follow me and you will be apart of the journey.

L: Awesome,  and can we be cheeky and ask some funny events happened while touring in the past?

M: Any funny events happen while touring. Well, I have not toured just yet but when I do you will be the first to know of any crazy stories.

L: Another track I really love is What you Started, that was Keep Reading

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